Back to School

As summer comes rolling to an end I can’t help but to feel kinda excited to go back to school.  I know weird, but I’m ready to see people again and get back into my involvement. As I reminiscence to my first day of college I remember feeling like I did when I started high school. My nerves boiled as I walked through the entrance. I worried about whether I would be able to find my classes, where to sit, and mainly what to expect. The first week was definitely the hardest for me. Looking back I laugh because I really didn’t think college was for me. So to all you nervous freshman out there, don’t freak about your first day. You’ll be fine. John Wood is a great place to start off your college experience. The staff are very friendly and are eager to help you along the way. Soon enough you will catch on quickly to everything, and will be so comfortable that you’ll be darting through the halls trying to make it to class on time… me.

Who says there is nothing to do in Quincy?

The number one complaint I hear from college kids who aren’t from Quincy is, “There is nothing to do in this town.”  Well of course Quincy is boring compared to bigger cities, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do in this town. You just have to go looking a bit, because come on nothing fun just comes pops right in front of you. Quincy actually has lots of fun activities that are free or pretty cheap. So anyways let me inform you guys on the most Epic event this summer in the local area of Quincy. Way back on some private property was an End of the World Party. This was the coolest party that was right up my ally. I went with my boyfriend and a friend of his and we all had a blast. When we got there we were already diggin the chill atmosphere.  This party was located in some wooded area (right up my ally, I love the outdoors.) and basically it was this outdoor music festival with a bunch of local bands playing. To help you enjoy the music even more you could bring food, drinks, chairs, and even camp out, which is soooo what I am doing next year! So as it got dark we headed up closer to the stage to jam and dance and the next thing I know glow sticks are flying from the stage! Talk about awesome! Literally we were there from 7pm till 1am and there were still bands jamming! It was such a magnificent experience. Really just a fun time to cut loose and be exactly who you are. Plus the entry fee money was all donated to St. Juds.




So the other day was my birthday, and of course all my friends who I might add are younger than me made it clear that I am getting old. Even though I’m only 20 my friends all commented that I’m two decades old and that I’m half way to forty. Wow thanks guys, but even with their comments I still had a great birthday. I didn’t really do much, but I had lots of my friends out for a bonfire which is always a good way to catch up with everyone. Besides what else is there to do in the middle of July when it’s only 70 degrees out. Now I am going to have to brag about my gift my boyfriend got me. Cowboy boots! Which I love and these are such nice boots!! My boyfriend really knows me well.
That gift was a perfect way to end my birthday.


10 things I love about summer!

Summer is the best part of the years and here is why….
1. Hot hot hot
2. Sunshine!
3. Bronze skin
4. Summer concerts
5. Summer nights!
6. Swimming…enough said
7. My birthday of course :p
8. Spending time with friends
9. Shaved ice
10. And the best part of summer is driving my jeep with no top!! Yay!

Fourth of July!

What a great Fourth of July! It’s obviously my favorite holiday and everything was great, not to mention that the weather was perfect! What I love about the fourth is just spending time with friends and family, oh and I can’t forget lighting off tons of colorful fireworks. Fourth of July I think is the one holiday where everyone forgets about all the corruption and chaos that goes on in this country and we all really come together in many ways to celebrate the freedom our forefathers have given us.

Summer PTK

We had our summer meeting for this month for PTK and I’m excited to start our PTK adventure to be a five start chapter. The theme we have decided on was medicine, though we aren’t yet for sure what angle we are going to take on it yet. But as our college project we have decided to help out our college by broadcasting John Wood to potentially gain some new students. One idea we have is going around to different local high schools and telling students how awesome John Wood is, which it really is. Either way I am totally down for promoting JWCC, because it really is a great school to start out with and I really enjoy attending this college. I can’t wait to get started with PTK, because it is a great honor to be a participant in.