I am sure I have mentioned Trio before, but I just want to give them props for really helping students including me at John Wood. Trio is a group that wants students to succeed through out John Wood. They are here to help students academically, whether it being by helping students find tutors, helping students stay on track, or even helping students with the stress of transferring. That’s where I am at right now. I know where I want to go, but that’s as far as I know about transferring. My trio adviser is so awesome, because she is helping me find out what classes are going to transfer, and what classes I need to take so I can be ready to dive on into my major when I get to Edwardsville. She also helps keep my stress level down. I am a perfectionist and I want to succeed at everything I do. So not knowing anything about whether or not my classes will transfer has been stressing me out. Overall I am really thankful for trio, because they have had my back all throughout my years at John Wood.

The Future

Now that I’m a sophomore I have to think about transfering. I finally figured where I am going to go and that’s Edwardsville. I’m super excited about transferring but kind of stressed about it at the same time. I still need to apply, find scholarships, find out where I’m going to live, and talk to an advisor. Ah just thinking about this is stressing me out. Thankfully the whole John Wood staff is here to help all of us with this. Hopefully this year will be stress free and just as fun as last year. 


We have finally gotten our whole new cheer squad and I am so thrilled! I know we have such great potential, which makes me even more excited for the games coming up this fall.  For any new John Wood students you should really think about trying out next year for cheer. It is a blast! This year not only are we going to cheer at the home games, but we want to support our guys at some of the away games. From what I have heard threw the grape vine these guys are going to be super good this year, so that will make cheering for them even more fun! Also this year we are actually having for the first time a mascot. So come to all the excitement and support our athletic teams, I know I can’t wait to get the crowd pumped this year, go Blazers!




First Day Back

As I walked into those front doors for the second time to start school I felt completely different from a year ago. I wasn’t nervous at all, instead I was anxious to see everyone again. Which is exactly what I did, this causing me to be late to almost all of my classes because of all my talking. I think this school year is going to be a blast and I’m excited to get started. Some new things that are going on is that we just had our fall cheer tryouts and we added one new member to our squad, Kentucky as we call her. I’m super stoked about this up coming cheer season. My cheer squad is also putting on a car wash tomorrow Saturday the 23rd. This past Thursday was the annual splash bash at Sheridan Swim Club. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend because of work, but I heard it was a good turn out and everyone had a blast! Then this up coming week is The John Wood BBQ, which equals free food! Yay!

So it begins

Today was the first day of the SGA retreat, and for those of you who don’t know what SGA is let me tell you. SGA stands for student government association; now what most people don’t realize is that it has nothing really to do with government issues. Instead because of SGA students can participate in fun activities throughout the school year which are free or very close to it. Now I’m excited to see what we come up with this year especially since the executive officers are excellent and really enthusiastic on making this school year fun. So far just from my group we have planned a talent show, karaoke, a drive in movie night, and a fall party. I’m really eager to start on these activities and see what fun things us students can accomplish!

Back to School

As summer comes rolling to an end I can’t help but to feel kinda excited to go back to school.  I know weird, but I’m ready to see people again and get back into my involvement. As I reminiscence to my first day of college I remember feeling like I did when I started high school. My nerves boiled as I walked through the entrance. I worried about whether I would be able to find my classes, where to sit, and mainly what to expect. The first week was definitely the hardest for me. Looking back I laugh because I really didn’t think college was for me. So to all you nervous freshman out there, don’t freak about your first day. You’ll be fine. John Wood is a great place to start off your college experience. The staff are very friendly and are eager to help you along the way. Soon enough you will catch on quickly to everything, and will be so comfortable that you’ll be darting through the halls trying to make it to class on time… me.