Who would of known

So I’m writing this as I’m icing my back. The first week of cheerleading is over and might I say we have a long way to go, but I have faith that we will be good once the season gets here. What I really like about my squad is that every one is so versatile! Which explains why I am icing my back. Usually I fly but today I was basing other girls, which if u don’t know cheer Lingo it means usually I am the one that is lifted up but today I was lifting other girls up. I guess I must of thought I was macho women and could do anything and now I am paying the price. All well I still don’t regret it and if I work at it I might be able to be invincible! Haha just messin, but I do want to be the best for my squad.

Father’s Day/Birthday

Finally I got a day just to hang out with the family. Since I seriously feel like my life keeps moving faster and faster. I thought I would have more time in the summer to do activities I want, but I work 5 days a week now with long hours. So the times I get to spend with my family I really value. So today was an extra special day, not only was it Father’s Day but also my mom’s birthday.  Even though we didn’t do to much I still has been nice to just hang with my family. Family is huge to me and I often forget about how important each of my family members are to me, especially my parents. I appreciate what they do for me so much and love them more than anything. I found this quote by an unknown author that really sums up what we should all remember about our parents:

“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, We often forget they are growing old.”


Wow I just got back yesterday from one of the best vacations ever! I went to the Wisconsin Dels with my boyfriend and his fun family. My whole trip was fun filled packed and I wish I had more pictures to show but who has time to carry their phone around when they are having so much fun! Ok to start off we stayed at this super sweet condo that was right on lake delta. There my boyfriend and I did a lot of fishing, unfortunately none of us caught anything big.The lake was so gorgeous.  Then everyday we would go to the indoor and outdoor water parks. Those were a blast! The water slides were so sketchy but fun and one literally dropped the floor you were standing on and it felt like I was free falling for a while. Another day we rented jet skis. I have never been on jet skis, but I didn’t let that stop me from flying across the lake jumping waves. On the last night we all went zip-lining, but there was a twist I went zipping in the dark! Talk about an adrenaline rush. Once again I really never went zip-lining so that was quite an experience. Over all my Wisconsin Dels trip was a blast and I’m so thankful my boyfriend and his family took me.</p





What a great day!

Finally it came to that time in summer….SWIMMING!! I finally went swimming for the first time this summer and might I say it was awesome and so refreshing. I haven’t got my pool opened yet, so I went to my friends grandparents pond. Surprisingly it wasn’t really too cold, and was just a nice way to spend time with friends. Over all a great day.

Cheer team 2014-2015

So excited for next year’s cheer season. So far we have gotten 12 girls on the team which is awesome! All these new girls seem so nice and I
really think we will be able to accomplish a lot. I can’t wait to get to know these girls throughout summer and next year and also anymore girls that make it during the fall tryouts.

Summer begins

Ahhh finally summer begins. No worries about school stress anymore, now I have time to do whatever I want whenever I want. So here is what I have been up to so far. I have been pretty much working, hanging out with friends, and making crafts which here is one of them

There pretty legit and didn’t cost me more than $3! All you have to do is just buy some old jean shorts (thrift stores are the best) and us acrylic paint on them, tape off the stripes and paint.
Besides that I have a lot of fun events coming up; I’m heading to the Wisconsin Dels at the beginning of June. Then right after that I’ll be making my way to steam boat days to see Toby Keith and somewhere in the mix I’m planning a girls trip to Chicago which will be exciting. Oh and I can’t forget that today and tomorrow is cheer tryouts or 2014-2015. I heard a lot of girls are trying out so I’m super stoked!

The end is near!

Finals week what a stressor! Today is the worst day for finals. My alarm didn’t go off so I showed up to take my test almost an hour late! Not to mention it was my hardest test, which I was so frazzled about being late and not having enough time that I know I psyched myself out and didn’t do well on the test. All well it’s over now and I have to focus on the rest on my finals, just two more to go! Then summer which I am so thrilled about! I still can’t believe that my freshman year in college is almost over! Just to reminisce back to the first day I walked through those front doors. Nerves just over came my body, my heart pounding not knowing what to expect. After the first couple of days I didn’t think I was going to be able to make through college, but all that changed fast thanks to all the friendly faces at John Wood. I soon got involved in so many activities which I am glad I am a part of. John Wood has really made my first year at college a blast and I know my second year here will be even more fun, thanks to SGA, Trio, cheerleading, and PTK.

So I guess this is the time to say so long for now since this will be my last time blogging at the school for this year, but you can always catch me blogging about my hopefully fun packed summer!