Cheer team 2014-2015

So excited for next year’s cheer season. So far we have gotten 12 girls on the team which is awesome! All these new girls seem so nice and I
really think we will be able to accomplish a lot. I can’t wait to get to know these girls throughout summer and next year and also anymore girls that make it during the fall tryouts.

Summer begins

Ahhh finally summer begins. No worries about school stress anymore, now I have time to do whatever I want whenever I want. So here is what I have been up to so far. I have been pretty much working, hanging out with friends, and making crafts which here is one of them

There pretty legit and didn’t cost me more than $3! All you have to do is just buy some old jean shorts (thrift stores are the best) and us acrylic paint on them, tape off the stripes and paint.
Besides that I have a lot of fun events coming up; I’m heading to the Wisconsin Dels at the beginning of June. Then right after that I’ll be making my way to steam boat days to see Toby Keith and somewhere in the mix I’m planning a girls trip to Chicago which will be exciting. Oh and I can’t forget that today and tomorrow is cheer tryouts or 2014-2015. I heard a lot of girls are trying out so I’m super stoked!

The end is near!

Finals week what a stressor! Today is the worst day for finals. My alarm didn’t go off so I showed up to take my test almost an hour late! Not to mention it was my hardest test, which I was so frazzled about being late and not having enough time that I know I psyched myself out and didn’t do well on the test. All well it’s over now and I have to focus on the rest on my finals, just two more to go! Then summer which I am so thrilled about! I still can’t believe that my freshman year in college is almost over! Just to reminisce back to the first day I walked through those front doors. Nerves just over came my body, my heart pounding not knowing what to expect. After the first couple of days I didn’t think I was going to be able to make through college, but all that changed fast thanks to all the friendly faces at John Wood. I soon got involved in so many activities which I am glad I am a part of. John Wood has really made my first year at college a blast and I know my second year here will be even more fun, thanks to SGA, Trio, cheerleading, and PTK.

So I guess this is the time to say so long for now since this will be my last time blogging at the school for this year, but you can always catch me blogging about my hopefully fun packed summer! 

Last but not Least

It’s crazy to think this is the last week before finals!

Everything is winding down, and summer is just a week and a day away! Good luck to everyone finishing out their associates or pressing on towards sophomore year. Everyone has various reasons to look forward to break, and I know a major reason of mine is so I can be refreshed come fall!

I’m starting to happen upon my “last”s for John Wood, which is definitely bumming me out. Yesterday I had my last class with Mr. Terry and first/last SGA banquet, today was my last BIO class, tomorrow will be my last World Religions and Comp. Problem Solving courses, and Friday will be the last time I have no school on Fridays until at least Spring of 2015.

I guess this is also my last blog post for “reallifeatjdub”..I’ve really enjoyed my time student-blogging and will definitely miss being a voice at JWCC! Thank you to all of the Public Relation’s office ladies for welcoming me in every Wednesday afternoon, to Alyssa Hummel for providing the opportunity to partner blogging with SGA, and our readers/everyone who has supported us bloggers and helped us become a (very small) part of public relations!

I know that these lasts are not the least, and even more adventures are yet to come. 

Summer is almost here

Wow this weather! Finally it’s been nice enough outside to do something, I’m loving this and it just reminds me that summer is almost here. I can’t wait for summer, even though I don’t really have anything planned it is still nice to get a break from school and just enjoy some sun! The only thing that is holding me back is FINALS!!! Ick no one likes finals, but unfortunately it’s just something we have to do. I guess I should look at it as making me a better more organized student. All well I’m not to worried about them yet, but next week will be another story. 

Week 15

What a week! As you probably saw Kara blog about earlier, Monday was our STL trip for college night! We all had a blast. Here’s a couple pics!

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For me, this week has not only been filled with awesome trips and the craziness of prepping for finals, but an email requesting a scholarship interview with my future university! The interview is conjoined with two possible outcomes: “President’s Leadership Council” or “Leaders of Tomorrow”.

Thankfully, John Wood has given me a little experience with leadership scholarship interviews. In November at 2012, I competed for JWCC’s Presidential Excellence Scholarship and was one of three winners! Between research and previous knowledge, I’ve come up with the top 7 questions you need to be ready to answer at a scholarship interview:

  1. When is a time you have displayed leadership?
  2. What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?
  3. Who is your biggest role model?
  4. Why are you choosing to attend _____?
  5. What activities are you most involved with?
  6. How will this scholarship benefit you?
  7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It’s always a good thing to add something (#7). You can show your appreciation for the opportunity and reinforce that you are the best candidate for the award!

My interview is Friday at 2..WISH ME LUCK!


Monday = Fun day!

Unlike every other Monday this Monday was full of super fun activities, thanks to SGA! SGA put on a de-stressor day for all the students. This contained coloring books, punching bags, play dough, decorating scrumptious cookies, getting your nails done, and puppies! Yes I colored a picture of Arial with different color hair, believe me every one commented on that, but hey I’m just trying to be creative. Either way it was so much fun and just a great time to relax and start your week. Later on that day 50 students got on go to a Cardinals game and I was one of them! I’m really not a huge professional baseball fan, but just being there and experiencing the game with my friends was a lot of fun. Unfortunately the Cardinals lost, but they put up a good fight and went into extra innings. Overall it was a very merry time thanks SGA!


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