GRRR it’s only Wednesday!

Ok I woke up this morning and hit snooze about three times on my alarm clock. I soooo didn’t want to go to class today! This whole week I’ve been such a procrastinator, and I don’t know why! Which we all can relate to the fact that sometimes we all don’t want to do anything! Usually I don’t procrastinate with my homework, but this week I have been. Maybe it’s the fact that I had a week off of school for spring break and my brain secretly doesn’t want to come back yet, or the fact that the weather has been bla. Yeah I’m going to blame it on the weather. Believe it or not there is such a thing called seasonal depression, where a person gets depressed during winter months. Yup learned that fact from my psychology teacher last semester. All well I guess I’ll have to keep calm and carry on……until the night before all my homework is due.  :p

The Swing of Things

The first week back after a break is always the hardest. Even after a week I was getting used to sleeping in and having the entire day to do whatever I felt like doing..wellllll, breaks can’t last forever!

Think of it this way:
FRESHMEN: We’re 1/8 the way through college!
SOPHOMORES: You’re almost 1/2!
Everyone else, you’ve reached some kind of mile-marker too. :)


On top of trying to get back into routines, having such nice weather yesterday made it hard to be inside. A fellow J-Dub student and our friend who was home from ISU went for a walk in Clat Adams Park because we couldn’t stand being cooped up.
Spring break is over, but it finally feels like spring is on its way! Enjoy it!

Spring Break!


Welcome back everyone, hope you all had a great spring break. I know I’m still not ready to come back to school. For my spring break I went to Mesa Arizona to visit my grandparents who have been renting a house down there for winter. It was so nice with the average temperature being 80 degrees. I have a few pictures to show you all. The first one takes place at this national park area. My family and I drove through the dessert and on tones of curvy wrapped around roads that went through all the rock formations. They all looked like mountains to me, but the site was just breath taking. The second picture is of a lemon, yes that is a lemon that my mom picked off a tree down there. Seriously look at the size of that lemon! It looks like it had a tumor or something, but don’t worry we didn’t eat. Frankly it smelt too nasty to eat. Yeah spring break was so nice, relaxing, and warm; I just hope that it starts to warm up around here!



3 Things I Learned at J-Dub Day 2014

1. Being a leader isn’t an easy job, but it’s always an important one.
I didn’t get the opportunity to attend J-Dub day last year, so I had no idea what to expect going into this event. To be honest, I was really nervous about being in charge of a group, so when we were told we’d get to co-lead, I was definitely relieved! My friend Lucy and I led a group of 9 Central high schoolers: eight girls and one boy. (Poor kid!) Our group started out extremely shy, but I wasn’t sure why, considering they were all friends from the same high school! The more I opened up to them and started conversation, the more lax our group began to feel. Speaking up and being a little crazy took confidence I didn’t know I had, but ultimately made our group closer; that feeling of togetherness made a huge impact on the rest of our day. By the time we were through the photo-booth and into the Blazin’ Races (our scavenger hunt), the ice was broken and we were all having a blast! Lucy and I had just as much fun as they had, which made me sad to think I would be transferring before getting to turn these strangers into classmates in the fall.

2. Where the D-Building bathroom is.
One of the girls in our group had a major nose-bleed during the mock class..I had no idea I could handle seeing that much blood. I won’t go into details, but congrats to me for not being squeamish and remaining calm in an unexpected situation!

3. John Wood really is YOUR college for YOUR life.
The administration and faculty are there because YOU are important and they believe YOU deserve the help YOU need to succeed! If they didn’t want to help you, they wouldn’t be here. No matter your background or your future, JWCC has a place for you, and I’m so grateful to be part of a people-minded community college like this one!

Our group “Cruise” finished the Blazin’ Races in 3rd place, and I was super proud that our once awkward group blossomed into a team that was in it to win it–keyword: team!
Being a group leader today was an awesome learning experience. I wish Mikayla, Kate, Sara, Cole, Amanda, Lydia, Madison, Chloe, & Abigail the best of luck wherever they land this fall! Happy J-Dub Day!

JDub Day 2014

New Blogger

Hello everyone! My name is Kara and I will be your new blog friend. I’ve never blogged before so this should be interesting, but I do love to talk and share my option on everything. Now before I get started I just want to say that I am a very goofy and a tad bit sarcastic person. Sooooo with that being said I’ll probably try to incorporate some humor in my post. To start off here is a little bit of information about me. I am a freshman here at John Wood, my major is social work, and I love sociology and psychology classes. With that being said don’t be surprised if I ramble on something about sociology. Here at JWCC I am involved in all sorts of things including: Student Government (SGA), cheerleading, Student Support Services (TRIO), Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), and I’m now a student blogger. As you can see I might be a bit of an over achieve, all well it is what it is. I also am a very outdoorsy person as well.

So there’s a bit of information about myself, and don’t you worry you’ll be hearing more from me as the semester goes on. For now ta ta and have a great spring break. :)