5 Myths about JWCC

In honor of community college month, here are 5 myths about JWCC!


1. My education will suffer because of the affordable price. FALSE
Yes, my piggy bank is thanking me. No, my education is not any less than my friends at “brand name” schools. Not only are ALL of my credits transferring to my 4-year university, but after taking a couple courses this summer, I’ll actually be ahead! I would recommend starting with 1-2 years of community college to anyone and everyone.

2. It’s going to be like high school. FALSE
I thought the same thing, but I was definitely wrong. The professors here know you’re in secondary education–when you walk through those doors on your first day, it’s time to step up your game. High school spoiled you with the ability to retake tests you slacked on studying and turn in homework late without penalties; let me tell you, this is certainly not the same. College is the time for you to put everything you’ve learned about being responsible and managing your time into practice. JWCC recognizes that college is a choice and a privilege, thus your professors treat it as so.

3. I’ll know everyone in my classes. FALSE
Because JWCC is sprinkled with non-traditional students, students throughout the nation, and even international students, you will never know everyone in your classes. I went into my first course expecting to know at least a handful, but honestly, I didn’t recognize a single student. With classmates from the Netherlands, California, Africa, and Florida, meeting new people in easy!

4. If I stay, I’ll never get out of Quincy. FALSE
I’m on my way to Oklahoma. Learning how to navigate myself nine hours away is nothing I’ve ever done before, or nothing I’d be experiencing if I was somehow forced to stay in Quincy! I have friends transferring next year to Missouri, Virginia, other Illinois locations, etc. Q-Town will always be a special place to me, and for now I still call it home, but within the next year, that will change. I’ll be back, but by no means has JWCC limited my options to “being stuck in Quincy forever”.

5. Other colleges offer flexible schedules; I’ll never have a day off. FALSE
I NEVER HAVE SCHOOL ON FRIDAYS! Talk to anyone here on campus–this is the best thing ever. EVER. Of all the students I know on campus, only one has a Friday class (choir). Even if you do have a class like choir, you’ll still have an extra half-day for your weekend! Also, our academic advisors will do everything in their power to help you out. You can access schedules online before making an appointment and find every course’s availability, so you can sign up for the classes you need with the professors you’d like at the times you want. Semester-long, block classes, evening classes, and more, you’re sure to get the schedule that best fits your needs.


I originally enrolled at John Wood to follow in my older sisters footsteps, but soon discovered my time at JWCC is not only preparing me for the future with its great education, it’s saving money and allowing me to get ready for all of the awesome opportunities ahead! The more I think about it, the more I realize I needed this extra year in Quincy before transitioning to a 4-year university. I wouldn’t have wanted to start my college experience anywhere else besides J-Dub!

Happy community college month and have a great break! :))

Happy Easter

Easter is on it’s way, actually this Sunday. I’m so excited, even though I don’t really have much planned. I just really enjoy days when I have nothing going on and can just hang with the fam.  No school this thursday which is awesome. Ha should I be saying that? All well I just need a break right now and a day to myself to do whatever I want. So since Easter is almost here I thought wouldn’t it be festive to share some Easter facts, so here they are:

  • Nearly 120 million cards will be given out during Easter
  • Americans buy more than 700 million Peeps (Ick! I hate those things)
  • 16 billion jelly beans are made and produced for the Easter season
  • 90 million chocolate bunnies are made for the Easter season
  • 76% of people prefer to bite off the Ear of the chocolate bunny. I am part of that 76%!

There are some fun Easter Facts for you. Have a safe and Happy Easter everyone! :)


Proud Moment

Last week was the introduction to Phi Theta Kappa which I and many other students were inducted. It was such a nice ceremony with a candle light service at the end. That was my favorite part, really because at that moment I thought about all I had to accomplish to get where I am not, nothing makes yourself more proud than achieving your goals. Knowing that others and myself are at the top of the honor roll at John Wood Community College is such a proud moment not only for myself but also my family. Getting inducted into PTK just shows that if you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Always Something to Do

There’s so much going on at JWCC!

Happy Friend’s Day to everyone on campus, current student or friend! I brought my friend Bryson to classes last semester and I hope you guys have as much fun as we did. :)

Congrats to our new team of SGA officers! John Wood is very fortunate to have leaders like those we have on panel today and the ones who will soon be taking their places.

PhiThetaKappa officers are also in the works and voting takes place at our next meeting, the 21st! If you’re PTK, be there to cast your vote!

Week 11 is almost behind us..can you believe it? My college visit to UCO over the weekend was great, despite driving nine hours through a storm on the way down. I’m looking forward to spending time there in the fall, but was happy to be back to my comfort zone in the JWCC Learning Center this past Monday!

Research papers and exams galore means SUMMER IS CLOSE! :)

Keep on truckin’, J-Dubbers!
Don’t forget to keep calm, schedule classes, and look for ways to get involved this fall!

Here’s a couple pics from central Oklahoma!




Only in America

So I heard a very funny comment today in the SGA office. One girl came in and said,”Did you hear what Obama is trying to do?” Now of cores we were all intrigued. As she went on to say that Obama is trying to banned girls from wearing yoga pants. Seriously! Out of all the problems in America our president is going to focus on the fact that people don’t like seeing girls wear yoga pants…..yeah right. I just sat back and laughed at the fact that these girls were really believing it, this just shows how uneducated people really are.

Where did March go!?

I remember thinking at the end of February that April could get here as fast as it would like..and whatdya know, it’s already April 2nd!

I’m super excited and nervous and anxious for tomorrow, because I’ll be driving nine hours with my family to Edmond, Oklahoma, to visit my home for the next three years of school! I can’t wait to tour the campus, check out dorm-life, and schedule my classes. I can’t wait to meet with my advisor to see what this fall holds and I’m extremely thankful that (with help from articulation guys) every single class I’ve taken at John Wood has transferred to an equivalent class at UCO..J-Dub is awesome!

I know tomorrow will remind me that the upcoming transition is going to be a reality very very soon. Like I said earlier, time is flying and August is only like–100 something days away!

Thanks John Wood for everything you’ve done to prepare me for this next step! I wouldn’t have wanted to start my college experience anywhere else! Once a blazer, always a blazer. I’ll definitely be taking pictures to share with you guys when I come back next week, and maybe even have some tips for other soon-to-be transfer students!

Happy Wednesday! Wish me luck!

ps- Don’t forget to vote outside the bookstore for 2014-2015 SGA officers! Good luck to all the candidates!

Road Trip

Last Friday I went with TRIO (Student Support Services) on a college visit. For those of you that do not know about TRIO, let me tell you what they are about.  TRIO is a free program for students who come from low income families or whose parents have never attended college. Their vision is to help you with your academics during the school year. You get assigned to an advisor which pretty much is like your own counsler. You can talk to them about anything, they help you find services that will help you during your experience at John Wood weather it be finding a tutor, where to transfer to, or even applying for scholarships.

So anyways we went to Southern University of Illinois in Edwardsville (SIUE) and let me tell you is was something. I really enjoyed the campus, mainly because it is so spread out with lots of trees and hills and me being an outdoorsy person that I am the campus fits me perfectly. I’m sure it looks beautiful during the spring, summer, and fall. Some of the neat things on campus is that they have their own cafeteria, arcade/bowling ally, a nice fitness room, Starbucks, and a nice pretzel place. There is also lots of bike trails all other the school, which is awesome since I enjoy biking. Another cool attribute to being a student there is that since Edwardsville is only 25 minutes from St. Louis students often get half price tickets to events like concerts. Now here’s where the trip took a down fall. Our tour, the most important part of the trip was awful! It was only 20 minutes, we only saw three buildings, and our tour guide barely said a word. That really bummed me out because, I was really thinking about transferring to Edwardsville, but now I don’t know now. Luckily I still have some time to figure things out.